Who is Mr. Indian Hacker? Have you ever wondered about the man behind the intriguing experiments on YouTube? Well, meet Dilraj Singh Rawat, popularly known as Mr. Indian Hacker! If you’re also curious about Mr. Indian Hacker, then we are here to tell you everything about him, including his real name, Mr. Indian Hacker’s wife, and more. So, keep on reading.

Mr. Indian Hacker’s Biography

First, we are going to tell you the name shrouded in secrecy: Mr. Indian Hacker’s real name is Dilraj Singh Rawat. Dilraj was born on January 8, 1996, in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. He went to DAV Senior Secondary School and Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan Government College. 

From his childhood, Dilraj believed in practical knowledge over theory, which is reflected in his engaging content. As of now, he is 28 years old.

Unfortunately, there’s limited information available about Mr. Indian Hacker’s family members. We only know that he lives with his family in Ajmer, Rajasthan.


In 2012, Dilraj Singh Rawat established his YouTube channel during his time in school. At the time, he was an ordinary individual with an interest in sharing videos on the internet. Little did he anticipate that this seemingly basic action would result in something remarkable.

He chose YouTube—the place where anyone could upload videos. At first, his views were minimal, but he persisted. Fast forward to 2016, and he received his first paycheck of Rs 10,000 from YouTube. That’s when he realized he could turn his passion into a full-blown career.

Mr. Indian Hacker is known for more than just his informative content. His videos are made with high quality and great attention to detail. This dedication to making top-notch videos has won the hearts of many viewers and created a loyal fan base.

Mr. Indian Hacker’s videos have been watched over 5 billion times, making him a digital superstar. He has worked with famous brands and other popular YouTubers, which has helped him grow even more and make a big impact online. 

His hard work and passion for creating fun and useful content have earned him many awards and a lot of recognition in the digital world.

As his channel got bigger, Dilraj started trying out more complicated projects. He made homemade gadgets and explored science through fun experiments. He also added entertainment and humor to his videos, making them more fun and easy to understand for viewers of all ages.

Challenges and Creative Experiments

When Mr. Indian Hacker started, he didn’t have fancy equipment or a big budget. Filming with basic cameras and limited resources was tough. His experiments involve fire, chemicals, and electricity. Safety was a major concern.

Mr. Indian Hacker faced challenges in coming up with fresh ideas for each video. The pressure to be innovative is real. Editing videos takes time and patience. Finding the right music, cutting scenes, and adding effects takes a lot of time.

YouTube Popularity

As Mr. Indian Hacker’s channel became more popular, Dilraj faced challenges common to successful YouTubers. With a growing audience, people expected more exciting content. Dilraj had to constantly think of new and fun ideas to keep everyone interested.

This pressure helped him create some of his best experiments. Popular videos like “Running a bike on water,” “Tunnel Swimming Pool,” and “Running on water using a big plastic ball” showed Dilraj’s creativity and skills. These videos make complex science easy to understand and fun for everyone to watch.

Mr. Indian Hacker’s Wife

Mr. Indian Hacker prefers to keep his personal life private. He got married in 2019, but specific details about his wife remain undisclosed. So, unfortunately, we don’t have more information about Mr. Indian Hacker’s wife at this time.

Mr. Indian Hacker’s Net Worth

Mr. Indian Hacker’s net worth in rupees is approximately 16 crore rupees. His income primarily comes from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and paid promotions.

How Much Does Mr. Indian Hacker Earn?

Mr. Indian Hacker’s net worth per month in rupees is around 15 lakh rupees. His YouTube channel and other online ventures contribute to this impressive income.

Mr. Indian Hacker Popular Videos

  • “Car Collection: More Than ₹1 Crore”:

In this video, Mr. Indian Hacker showcases his impressive car and bike collection. From luxury cars to rugged bikes, he introduces each vehicle, sharing its story, features, and condition.

  • “We Found Gold… सच में खजाना मिल गया! Gold Treasure Hunt Challenge…72 Hours”:

Join Mr. Indian Hacker and his team on a thrilling treasure hunt adventure. Armed with a metal detector, they explore various locations—forests, ponds, old forts, and farms—in search of gold, silver, copper, and other hidden treasures.

Mr. Indian Hacker demonstrates a mind-boggling trick where he defies gravity and glides across the water’s surface. It’s like something out of a superhero movie!

  • “Tunnel Swimming Pool”:

Mr. Indian Hacker and his team created this mind-bending marvel, combining engineering and creativity.

  • “Running on Water Using a Big Plastic Ball”

Watch as Mr. Indian Hacker steps inside a giant plastic ball and walks on water. It’s like walking on the moon, but wetter!

Social media presence

Mr. Indian Hacker has a wide social media presence across all social media platforms. On Instagram, his channel @dilraj_singh_rawat has 5 million followers, whereas his Facebook page has 1.6 million followers. He also has an X account, @MR_INDIANHACKER, with 26.8K followers. His YouTube channel has a massive following of 41 million.

Bottom Line

Mr. Indian Hacker has left a footprint in the digital world. Dilraj Singh Rawat has amassed millions of followers through his engaging content on various social media platforms. The journey from being a curious student to that of a famous YouTuber itself teaches that often passion combined with hard work can bring forth exceptional success. With an inspiring net worth and colossal social media presence, Mr. Indian Hacker is still entertaining and inspiring people all across the globe.