Are you considering a career in the public utility sector? Do you want to find out how many open positions there are in public utilities?

As a vital contribution to society, the public utility sector is characterized by the provision of services that are absolutely necessary.

Those who are interested in the rapidly developing field of public utilities have a wide variety of opportunities available to them. In this article, we will tell you what public utility jobs are and how many jobs are available in public utilities. So let’s get going!

What Are Public Utility Jobs?

The public utility sector encompasses a diverse array of job descriptions, from engineers to laborers to customer service representatives, as it is responsible for delivering necessary services to both private residences and commercial establishments.

Electricity, water, gas, and sewage treatment are examples of the types of services that fall under the category of “public utilities.”

The majority of the time, the government maintains monopoly control over them, which ensures that employees are paid well and have job security.

How Many Open Positions Are There in the Public Utility Sector?

The best way to break into a new industry is to research the jobs that are currently available in that industry. If the public service industry is where your career interests lie. To begin, you must have an understanding of the various public utility industries and the number of potential positions in these areas.

The public utility sector is home to a plethora of job categories, each of which offers a unique set of responsibilities. However, the requirements for certain sectors could be more stringent than those for others. The quantity of employment available is contingent on the kind of utility being provided as well as the need of the particular state.

In general, many jobs are available in public utilities due to the growth in population and economy, as well as the development in the number of cities. Therefore, this would be a good moment to switch to the department that deals with public utilities if you are considering doing so.

The public utility sectors in the United States are controlled by the government so that basic services like electricity, water, and sewage may be made available to everyone in the country.

Electricity Public Utility Department

The United States Department of Electricity and Power employed more than 172,000 workers at the beginning of the year 2022. There are many distinct kinds of electric service, including the following:

  • Providers of services for locating underground utilities
  • Electrical services
  • Services provided by rural utilities
  • Electrical contractor services
  • Services provided by the public electric utility

By the end of the year 2022, the Energy industry in the United States will have a total of more than 7.5 million open positions.

Natural Gas

According to the most current statistics, the natural gas sector is responsible for the maintenance of more than 9.8 million employees, while the volatile oil and petrol gas sector are responsible for more than 2.1 million jobs.

Water and Waste Management

Water supply and sewage maintenance are two of the most important sectors that fall under the umbrella of water and waste management. The water and waste management industry primarily serves private houses and commercial enterprises. The management of the whole water supply, from the provision of clean water to the purification of sewage water, is the primary responsibility of this sector of the utility industry.


We believe you now have the answer to your question regarding the number of positions that are available in public utilities. However, everything hinges on the interests that you have. Every person has a unique way that appreciating their job and their chosen field.

You can pick between high-paying positions such as engineers, superintendents, controllers, and experts based on your talents, education, and qualifications.

You also have the option of working in jobs such as construction or providing help to customers.

And this is the perfect opportunity to put both your experiences and your enthusiasm to use. In most cases, the credentials you received at graduation or the school living certifications are all that is required to launch a job in the public utilities sector.

Good Luck!

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