In the past, people used methods of measurement that were not supported by science. For example, to decide which item was heavier, they might spill liquids, place things next to one another to see how their lengths compared, or weigh the items in their hands. The French government started using the decimal system of measurement in 1799. In 1939, the international system of measurement was put into place.

Yards and feet are the units of measurement used to determine the length. Both units are used in the imperial system of measurements and the US customary system of measurements.

In this article, we are going to discover how to convert yards to feet as well as the conversion from square yards to square feet, along with a full explanation. We will also answer the question: 100 feet is how many yards?

The Difference Between Yards and Feet


The term “yard” refers to a unit of measurement for length. The sign for the yard is “yd.” it is the same as three feet or thirty-six inches. One yard is equivalent to 0.9144 meters when converted to meters from the yard.

Both the imperial and the US customary systems of measurement make use of this unit of measurement. The most common use for yards is in the measurement of the length of fields, such as those seen on sporting grounds.


The term “foot” may also be used to refer to a unit of measurement for length. The letter “ft” serves as the sign for the foot. 12 inches and one-third of a yard are equivalent to one foot. Additionally, one foot is equivalent to 0.3048 meters. In order to convert the provided amount from feet to meters, we need to divide it by 3.281 first.

In the fields of aviation and elevation, the foot is the standard unit of measurement for height or altitude. Additionally, the height of a human being is measured in feet and inches. For illustration’s sake, the typical height of a guy is 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

Keep this in mind!

To make any conversion, keep in mind that the length of three feet is equivalent to one yard.

1 Yard Equals 3 Ft

What Exactly Is a Yard-To-Foot Conversion?

The process of converting measures might seem scary to some people, but the yards-to-feet conversion is really quite easy. Because three feet are equivalent to one yard, all that has to be done to convert yards is to multiply the number of yards that are supplied by the factor of three.

In the event that the yard measurement includes a fraction, the first thing that has to be done is to convert it to the decimal system. After that, multiply that number by three to obtain the answer. To convert feet to yards, just multiply the total number of feet by three to obtain the value you need.

The Following Are the Steps to Compute Feet from Yards:

Step 1: first, we need to make a note of the number of ft. That need to be converted.

Step 2: feet ÷ 3 equals yards

Since one yard is equal to three feet in length, all you need to do to get the total number of yards for your measurement is divide the entire number of feet by three.

Tip: in situations in which the number cannot be divided by 3 without leaving a residual, you will often end up with infinite fractions; thus, a calculator may come in very helpful.

Step 3: after dividing, we will receive our answer.

For example,


1 yd. = 3 ft.

1 ft. = 0.3333 yd.

So, 10 yards is 10 times 3 feet, which is 30 feet.

Steps To Find Out 100 Feet Equals How Many Yards

We know that,

Step 1: 1 yard = 3 feet

And 3 feet = 1 yard

Step 2: 1 feet = ⅓ yard = 0.33 yard

Step 3: 100ft in yards will be 33.333.

How Many Yards Are in 100 Feet?

There are 33.333 yards in every 100 feet. The equation to use for converting 100 feet to yards is 100 divided by 3.

So you now know how many yards 100 feet equals.

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